March 10, 2012

For those with eyes

I'm amazed at how quickly people who profess to be my friend on or about a decade, jump ship over a piece of ass. I'm also amazed how people think a little bit of dope is more important than their friends. But what surprises me the most is, the same people who supposedly are "not doing anything wrong" feel they have to lie to me about it.
Then after they've been busted try the old bait and switch routine. Funny though, I got hooked in for a few days and was dissonanciated into an stalker from their contempt. However and with their help (thank you), I have remembered my weakness, and how to transform them into strength.
That said, the people I loved before the lies began, I will continue to love. The people who I extended my friendship to before the lies began, I will for a short time attempt to extend my friendship. And, the people who continue to manufacture malice, in a short time will receive it back B.O.A.C, without restraint.